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Maria's Old Town 21 is locally owned and operated by Vincenza and Giovanni Crapa since 2007. Back then, the loving couple just moved to the United States of America together with their children. Because of their strong love for food, their dream was to open a restaurant and share their favorite Sicilian dishes with Americans. The perfect opportunity came when they met two wonderful people, Jim and Melinda, whom offered to help them get started. Maria's Café and Italian Restaurant was therefore born right in the heart of Old Towne Petersurg, Virginia.

Through hard work, Maria's Café saw tremendous success as they welcomed streams of people everyday. This led them to take on the chance of a lifetime in opening their own restaurant on April 7, 2014! With the help of family and friends, Giovanni and Vincenza Crapa purchased their first restaurant at 21 West Old Street. It was a momentous event for the couple knowing they have achieved their dream.

"Now we the proud owners of the most unique and amazing restaurant in the tri-city. Our dream has just started and we confident that it will go on forever, because like our parents gave us the knowledge of cooking authentic Italian dishes, we have given the same to our children Maria, Cristina and Monica. We are very proud of them. We love what we are doing so we hope we can share our enthusiasm with all of you and your families. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Come in and enjoy the most authentic Italian dishes you will ever have and with the most impressive interior you will ever see."


Who is Maria?

Maria is the name of both the mothers of Vincenza and Giovanni.

When Vincenza was young, her parents, Maria and Nunzio Misseri, decided to take a chance in life when they moved to the United States with their four children. Life was a little hard at the beginning as they could not speak English. However, their love for one another gave each other strength to provide a beautiful life for the family. Every night, Nunzio would sing O Mari' to profess his love for his wife while his children drown in the atmosphere of warmth and happiness. Unfortunately, the moment was short-lived as Maria fell sick and left her children the need to grow up fast.

Meanwhile in the beautiful land of Sicily, Giovanni was also battling with the loss of his mother at a very young age. Despite his youth, Giovannni never forgets how his mother persevered to overcome all obstacles for the family. She was a strong and hardworking woman. Several years later in a rare occasion, Giovanni met beautiful Vincenza and their lives intertwined instantly. They knew their destiny was made possible through their common background – Maria.

Opening Maria's Old Town 21 symbolizes the dedication that Maria has inspired the couple with. While Maria continues to live in their hearts, they want their descendants to learn the story behind their success today. Most importantly, Maria embodies the philosophy of excellence that Maria's Old Town 21 will carry to serve the finest cuisine for all their diners. So what better name than Maria for the beautiful restaurant?

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